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Disfida di San Fortunato, October 14, Todi


On October, during the weekend of the 14th, in Todi will take place the “Disfida di San Fortunato” the Challenge of San Fortunato, a medieval re-enactment on the feast of the patron saint of the city of Todi: San Fortunato.

A weekend in a medieval atmosphere with guided tours, taverns, drummers, falconers, jesters, medieval dances, flag-wavers and so much more.

Unmissable appointments will be the Archery Tournament with historical arch and traditional bow “Disfida di San Fortunato”.

The main competition, the “Palio dell’Aquila” takes place in the Old Town.

The market-show of local crafts, typical products, hobbies, gastronomy “Tipico Todi”.

 At the end of the event there will be the “Historical Parade” which will reach the staircase of the Temple of San Fortunato.

In the church of San Fortunato will be celebrated the offer of the Votive Candle to the Patron Saint.

You can taste, in many restaurants, our typical dishes, especially the “Palomba alla ghiotta o alla todina“- Stockdove alla ghiotta or “alla Todina”.

The Hotel Fonte Cesia, in the historic center, will be the ideal location to fully experience the event.

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