Todi Festival 27 August – 5 September 2022


manifesto Todi Festival 2022

Todi Festival is a cultural event about theatre, music and dance taking place every year on the main square of the town, Piazza del Popolo, and the Town Theatre which are a few steps  far away from the hotel. The Festival has gained, over years, a high prestige and is now at its 36th edition.
This event  is also a meeting point of the most important names in show business, as De Sica, Silvano Spada, Maurizio Costanzo and Simona Marchini.

The Manifesto of this season is by Fabrizio Plessi, Italian pioneer of video art, well known scenographer and author of original site-specific art installation. His works will be exhibited in the Sala delle Pietre in the Town Hall starting from the first day of the Festival.


You can find the full program of Todi Festival here

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Main Stage

Waiting for the full program, Patty Pravo’s final concert is not to be missed! It will be on Sunday 4th September at the Town Theatre.

Todi OFF

Todi Off is the section of Todi Festival dedicated to contemporary Italian dance and theatre, aimed at putting the public in contact with independent theatre. The festival is organized by Teatro di Sacco, in collaboration with the online magazine Teatro e Critica. Here are the events of this year:

  • WHAT’S YOUR nAIM? is the dance workshop taking place from 28th to 30th August in collaboration with Cornelia Dance Company. It will be about the relationship between our identity and our aim in society. During the workshop performers for the homonimous theatre play to be held in Todi Festival 2023 will be selected.
  • Enciclopedia delle emozioni vol.4 is about emotions, and how to develop such an important tool in playwriting and drama. The masterclass will be held by Davide Iodice.
  • Il Mestiere della Regia. Impulso, progetto, passione is a masterclass about the job of theatre direction held by Serena Sigaglia.
  • Laboratorio di scrittura critica e giornalismo teatrale is a workshop held by Viviana Raciti. During the Festival Days participants will discover the formats and language of theatre critic and cultural journalism and they will put together the plays’reviews in a newspaper called Infinito Futuro.

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