albergo nel centro storico di Todi

Our History


Our History

The history of Hotel Fonte Cesia is linked to the history of the noble palace in which it is hosted, that back in the 15th Century belonged to the noble family Atti, who ruled in Todi.

The presence of this noble family in the palace is proved by the inscription “VENTVRINVS APTVS”,

This inscription is still visible on the architrave of the fireplace in one of the rooms of the Hotel Fonte Cesia.

As a matter of fact, Venturino of the family Atti was a famous “dominus”, (lord), who became prior in 1523.

Two years later, on December 14th 1525, he received the order to retake the towns of Massa Martana and Acquasparta, which wanted to free themselves from the supremacy of Todi.

In Massa Martana, in the houses next to the Church of Saints Terenzio and Fidenzio, you can see the stems of the Atti family with the inscription: VENTVRINUS APTUS. MDXXIII.
(From “Gli Atti di Todi”, town archives).

The Atti family ruled in Todi until 1550 when the town was completely destroyed by a member of the Cesi family.

From then on, the Cesi family took control of the political, cultural and institutional life of the town.

Among the exponents of the Cesi family, Angelo played a prominent part for Todi. He contributed in the transformation of the architecture of the town.

Thanks to Angelo Cesi many Renaissance buildings, which we can still admire today, have been constructed.

Between 1600 and 1606 he built the impressive Fonte Cesia (Cesia Fountain), an ancient water supply.

The Fontain where the water coming from the overhanging “Colle della Rocca” (defence hill), was channelled.

In 1980, Frustagatti’s family acquired and solidly meticulously renovated the building, making it become our charming Hotel Fonte Cesia.


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Hotel Fonte Cesia

Hotel Fonte Cesia