Infiorate di Spello 2023- Infiorate- Spello - Umbria

Infiorate di Spello, June 10-11 2023


On June 10 and 11 2023 Spello will be in full bloom again with its famous Infiorate (flower pictures and carpets

The Infiorate (flower pictures and carpets) of the Corpus Domini of this picturesque and beautiful Umbrian town are, in fact, known and loved across Italy as well as abroad.

Every year it attracts 60 to 100 thousand visitors and tourists with an increasing number of instagramerswho, for passion – and for some, even for work – capture the marvellous show of flowers to share it on this very famous social network dedicated mainly to images.

The event

The infiorate are flower pictures and carpets that are created along the streets of the town centre for Corpus Domini.

In Spello the ‘infioratori’ (flower picture and carpet making teams) make truly unique and valuable creations in terms of size – from 25 to 70 sqm for pictures and at least 15 sqm for carpets  – as well as artistic and technical quality, being that only plant elements are used without any glue or artificial colours.

A tradition that celebrated the religious occasion by throwing and then placing flowers and petals on the ground, dating back several centuries, but in Spello it has always been particularly dear to the population and over time it has evolved into this increasingly better known and appreciated event.

The most important moment of the Infiorate di Spello is held on the Notte dei Fiori (the Night of the Flowers), between the Saturday and Sunday of the Corpus Domini, when approximately 2000 people of all ages – including young children – work to create almost 2 kilometres of flower pictures and carpetswhich, the following day, will be on display along the streets of the town. 


The Infiorate di Spello 2023

The 2023 edition of the Infiorate will be held on the weekend of June 10 and 11, but the week before that the town already begins enjoying the many fringe events which include an exhibition of draft pictures and a flower embroidery show at the Museo delle Infiorate (Infiorate Musuem), painting and photo exhibitions and the special and amazing floral decorations of “Windows, balconies and lanes”.

Over the weekend of the Infiorate there is live music, floral menus in the Taverna degli Infioratori (Flower team taverns), night-time guided visits of art sites and the flower carpets, a florist exhibition-market in the public gardens and restaurants and shops open all night until dawn.

During the “Notte dei fiori” (Night of Flowers), visitors and tourists can watch the carpets being created, as well as enjoy a hands-on experience as ‘infioratori’ themselves by partaking in the Infiorata dei turisti (The Infiorata for Tourists).

This year the ‘Notte dei Fiori’ will be held on the same night as the Notte Romantica (Romantic Night), an initiative organised by the ‘Borghi più Belli d’Italia’ association (the association of the most beautiful towns in Italy): loved-up couples can enjoy romantic routes and itineraries with floral themes created especially for this event.

On Sunday morning, following the assessments of the jury to award the various prizes and recognitions, the Corpus Domini procession guided by the Bishop will walk over the petal carpets, as per tradition.


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