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Two easy steps to get always the best rate in Hotels



Explore this page to discover why so many of our guests are choosing to book direct more than anywhere else.

Reserve directly through the Hotel to receive the Best rate or benefits.


Two easy steps that everyone can do to research the best available rate in Hotels.

With our italian campaign, Federalberghi suggests how to always seek the better deals:


 1 Always visit the Hotel’s website. Check if there are special deals available, that are not present on another website; as Holiday specials, seasonal offers, promotions, advance booking discounts and much more.


2- If you cannot find the offer you were looking for, call or send an email directly to the hotel and asks for deals not offered for sale on the major Online Travel Agents


Sometimes the hotel will have the best rate or will create you a tailor-made offer.

  • You can have special benefits: as a welcome drink, complimentary Wi-Fi, if not include, free/ discounted parking and other services for a special rate.
  • The Hotel will provide facilities: such as late check-out, luggage storage or parking facilities throughout the day of departure.
  • The most important advantage is: direct contact, you know who you are speaking to.
  • When you book directly an Hotel, you’ll discover you’re booking an experience and not just a room.
  • For direct bookings, we can satisfy your exact wishes and preferences to make your stay unique.
  • You will have information about events taking place during your stay, you will have suggestions on the most fascinating places to visit, the best places to eat or where to “do” simply an aperitif.

Much information that will help you better organize your stay.

Be smart, to get the Best rate:  Contact us  !!



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Hotel Fonte Cesia

Hotel Fonte Cesia