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Mountain biking around Todi: the Furioso loop trail


A mountain biking trail in Todi, in the north-west area of the municipality. A unique and enchanting itinerary that includes the fact that it takes you along the banks of the Tiber river through its many sites. And it is the very river that distinguishes this trail known as the Furioso loop: here the water flows faster and rougher than in other points, especially in comparison to the so-called Tevermorto (dead Tiber), another nearby trail that follows the river bank where, in one section however, as the name suggests, the water flows calmer and more tranquil.


Mountain biking the Furioso loop

This circular trail starts and finishes in the green area of the village of Pian di San Martino, just a short drive from the historical centre of Todi. It is about 17 kilometres long, of medium technical difficulty level. The trail takes you through the village of Montemolino, on the edge of the Todi municipality bordering with Monte Castello di Vibio, and then the return stretch takes you through the characteristic village of Cecanibbi.


The Furioso Loop trail: the sites

From the very start of the trail you can admire a small but significant piece of history and architecture: the iron bridge of Pian di San Martino. Built in 1950, this steel bridge was built according to the military truss system – what is known as the Bailey bridge – and up until about 1980 it was the sole direct road connection between Pian di San Martino and Ponterio on the opposite bank of the river. The Furioso trail begins near the bridge, along the river bank, offering amazing scenery and plenty and different varieties of fauna and flora. As you continue along the trail you will enjoy the view of the Montemolino castle. Along the return trip, you will see the characteristic Cecanibbi castle, the San Bartolomeo convent, the typical village of Torriola , and finally back at the starting point, the charming village of Pian di San Martino.

More technical information and the complete Furioso Loop trail on mountain bike are available at Wikiloc also from mobile App.


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