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Panoramas: the best in Todi and Umbria


Umbria is famous and beloved for its panoramas. With the wealth and variety that distinguish it in terms of scenery, this region offers panoramic views at basically every corner. From the historical centres and small hilltop hamlets, but also exploring this unique land with its rolling hills, mountains and the many natural attractions that have given it its name as the green heart of Italy, it is easy to enjoy the breathtaking views. Here are some of the main viewpoints in Umbria, with a focus on our Todi.

Panoramas in Umbria

Starting from Orvieto: here, from the ‘Torre del Moro’ tower it is possible to enjoy a unique view of the city, while from the Albornoz Fortress one can admire the surrounding valley characterised by the Paglia River. Then heading to Trasimeno Lake, the largest in central Italy, famous for its wealth of flora and fauna and for the scenery it offers, the main viewpoints of the area are Monte del Lago (‘Lake Mountain’), which like the name suggests, is a promontory that looks over the body of water, the Medieval Fortress of Passignano with its panoramic tower standing over 30 metres tall and the Rocca del Leone in Castiglione del Lago.

We then go to Perugia, the region’s capital where splendid monuments and an enchanting medieval atmosphere from the tops of the hills that the town sits on to enjoy truly one-of-a-kind views. One of the most famous can be admired from Porta Sole. By taking quite a steep staircase, you reach the highest point of the city, almost 500 metres in altitude: from here one can admire most of the city centre. It is also a must to go to the viewpoint in Viale Indipendenza and the Carducci Gardens and also admire the scenery provided from the city’s two famous towers, the Cassero di Porta Sant’Angelo and the Torre degli Sciri.

We then head to Assisi where the combination of art, architecture, history and spirituality create a unique place, a particularly popular site for tourists and visitors. Here too there are many views to enjoy, three in particular: the tower from the Santa Croce Complex, the Forest of Saint Francis, which overlooks the “Third Paradise”, an example of land art by Michelangelo Pistoletto; the one, or rather, the ones that can be observed from the Eremo delle Carceri hermitage, one of the main sites of the Franciscan Order where the views extends as far as the eye can see over the Umbrian valley; lastly, the impressive and enchanting one from the Rocca Maggiore of Assisi which overlooks the city and the valley as well as the surrounding mountains.

At the top of a hill, among olive groves and vineyards, with the Clitunno and Topino rivers flowing downstream, Montefalco is referred to as “the balcony of Umbria” for the extraordinary view that it offers, one of the region’s most representative views. Another must-see view: from the Ponte delle Torri (Tower Bridge), in Spoleto, the surrounding scenery is so incredibly unique that it is hard to stop admiring it or taking pictures of it: a majestic and fascinating place between the greenery of the mountains and the beauty of the city.

The plains of Castelluccio di Norcia, especially when in the blossoming season, is one of the most loved and famous of Umbria: one can admire it and take pictures from the road that goes to the town, and once you are in Castelluccio, from the top of its 1,450 metres in altitude. Famous and romantic are the Lower and Upper Viewpoints of the Marmore Falls, in Terni.

Panoramas in Todi

The city of Todi is a wealth of views that offer unique and charming panoramas. The San Fortunato Bell Tower is the highest point from where you can admire the city and its historical centre in particular. Also unique and beautiful is the view from the Bishop’s Palace, on the opposite side of the acropolis. One must definitely also visit the Oberdan Gardens that overlook the valley and part of the historical centre, as well as the Nido dell’Aquila Complex, with its terrace on the hilltop and framed by the architecture of the former monastery, and the entire scenic walk along the area of the so-called Valle Bassa (Lower valley).

From the Viewpoint in Piazza Garibaldi, right in front of the Garibaldi Cypress, one can see most of the eastern side, with a view of the Santissimo Crocifisso church and explore the surrounding valley with your eyes, all the way to the Martani and Sibillini Mountains. Other, lesser known and central yet magnificently panoramic, are for example, the small street ‘via di San Lorenzo’, which also happens to overlook the typical piazzetta del Montarone, and then Largo del Bastione. A terrace that offers a cosy and enchanting atmosphere and offers a privileged view of the historical centre of Todi is certainly from our Hotel Fonte Cesia which stands taller than the roofs of the historical buildings and monuments and dominates the monumental source of its same name, and the typical piazza.






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Hotel Fonte Cesia
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