forre corchiano - Ravines of Corchiano

The Ravines of Corchiano: a hike through history and nature.


For nature and anthropomorphic landscape lovers, a visit to the Ravines of Corchiano is an experience not to be missed. The Natural Monument of the Ravines of Corchiano extends along the Rio Fratta River, which flows under the historical centre of Corchiano. Together let’s find out more about this magical place rich in history and nature.

The Ravines of Corchiano: through history…

The Ravines of Corchiano have many signs of the past: from prehistoric caves to the ancient plumbing systems and the necropolis dating back to the era of the Falisci, a population of Etruscan origin. A Roman bridge made of tuff, dating back to the 3rd century, completes the cultural visit. There is a walk through the Tagliate, paths carved in the tuff. There are essentially two paths of easy level: the Sant-Egidio and the Spigliara paths carved in the stone, that lead to the ancient bridge and gorgeous waterfall.

…And nature

The hike through the Ravines of Corchiano offers diverse scenery: the vegetation that covers the ground of volcanic origin differentiates the various ecosystems that have developed there: woods, farmland, fluvial and rocky. A path where you can admire the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis. Even the fauna is very diverse and it is not uncommon to come across fox, badger and porcupine tracks. Many bird species live in this area, such as the kingfisher. You are also likely to hear the sound of the wood pecker’s beak at work.

For nature lovers, we recommend taking the path to the Moutan Botanical Center, which is in Vitorchiano (Viterbo), along S.S. Ortana 46, Località Il Pallone. A hike to enjoy the great variety of peonies and then rest in the park.

How to get to Corchiano from Todi

It is very easy to get to the Ravines of Corchiano from Todi: take Highway A1 and exit at Orte and continue towards Rome. About one hour by car. It is also possible to take public transportation, from Orte there is no direct bus to Corchiano, but there are several that head towards Corchiano through Vignanello. The trip, including changes, takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes.


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