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The Tiber River Park: nature and archaeological sites


Located in Umbria, extending along the territories of both provinces (Perugia and Terni), is the Tiber River Park: 7,295 hectares along approximately 50 kilometres of river.

This is a protected area, as established in 1990, managed by the WWF.

It crosses seven municipalities: Alviano, Baschi, Guardea, Monte Castello di Vibio, Montecchio, Orvieto, Todi.

The park is known for its rich naturalistic aspect, as well as its historical and archaeological significance.

From Todi to Alviano: the area of the Tiber River Park

The Tiber River Park can be visited through various routes: at this link ,the website for the regional government illustrates the main paths and allows you to download helpful maps and indications for anyone wishing to visit.

To visit the Tiber River Park and appreciate its main distinguishing points of interest, you can also start from Todi, with an unmissable exploration of its historical centre as well as the rest of the area.

From there you reach the Tiber River from Montemolino, where the water flows rapidly, and then on to Tevermorto, where, as the names suggests (translated into English the name is ‘Dead Tiber’), the river flows much slower.

You then cross Pontecuti and finally arrive at the Gola del Forello, a canyon created in the limestone by the river, which is essentially the heart of the park. Further ahead you get to Corbara Lake with a landscape you simply must see. Further on you reach Baschi offering its ancient and typical historical centre which undoubtedly deserves a visit.

Another nearby hamlet in the Tiber River Park that one absolutely must visit is Alviano.

This city offers the possibility of visiting its natural oases, which are particularly interesting for the great variety of fauna they host.

Fauna and flora

The flora of the Park is distinguished in particular by the great number of oaks, holly oak, white willow and poplar trees.

As for the interesting range of fauna, there are ospreys, swans, great egrets, grey herons, cormorants, buzzards and mallards. The variety of fish includes perch, pike and carp.

Archaeological sites and sports activities:

The Tiber River Park also includes numerous archaeological sites: in particular relics of Umbrian, Etruscan and Roman eras, as well as ruins and relics of other historical periods.
At the park it is also possible to practice different sports such as hiking, horseback riding, biking, canoeing.



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