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Todi heart of Umbria, heart of Italy.


With this first article, Hotel Fonte Cesia wishes to welcome you to this particular section of our website which will be called, for convenience and practicality, and in the lingo of the digital generation: blog.

Due to the particular character of Hotel Fonte Cesia and for the image and the very meaning of our work, we cannot help but wish to give our articles special character.

We therefore decided to create an atypical blog for Hotel Fonte Cesia which, since 1994, has been offering its guests a unique and unparalleled stay in Todi, the heart of Umbria and the green heart of Italy.

Our love for the work we do and our love for our land left us no doubt on what the topics of the articles in this section of our site would be: we want to offer you a starting point, of history and interesting facts, to discover and love our territory so that it feels like it is yours as well,, we want to offer a varied choice of “pills” in the form of brief articles to fully immerse you in the heart of our life and our history every day: want you to have a taste of our “life.”

This love for our land will give you, through our blog, news and ideas not only of Todi, where Hotel Fonte Cesia receives its guests guaranteeing the best quality and the best service for the whole time you spend in our company, but also of all those little excursions that you can take to complete the picture of a trip that will remain forever in your memory like a walk through history, in a land that gives rest to the tired, the greenery of nature, for the quality of its food, for the beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its history and the pleasure of its people.

We will take you with us on a journey to discover not only those traits that have shaped history in Todi and other Etruscan centers of our region, but also and above all, we will take you inside the street stories of our city, Todi, and the surrounding area to provide a truthful idea of what life is like in this very green and sunny region.

Hotel Fonte Cesia has had the good fortune to be a participant and protagonist of this history, and in the time that has so far been granted to us, Hotel Fonte Cesia has been a lively and active part of this life that we ​​wish to talk about and share with you.

For this and for many other reasons that you will soon discover, we ask you to follow us in our stories through this series of articles and not to miss the best that Todi and the whole of Umbria can offer you. We trust you will be enchanted by our stories and excited about your future visits in you will be the protagonists.

We hope that you find this to be pleasant and interesting reading.


Have a nice stay! 🙂


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Hotel Fonte Cesia