Transamerina: itinerary in the heart of southern Umbria


Environment and land, craftsmanship, traditions, food and wine: the Transamerina itinerary is a journey into the heart of southern Umbria, that represents the identity, the history, the society and the culture of this rich and interesting portion of the region. It is a Slow Food Travel-endorsed itinerary that begins in Todi and takes you to Avigliano Umbro, Montecastrilli and Amelia. Approximately 100 kilometres on bike or car, stopping for regenerating and pleasant walks in nature, visiting the charming corners of Umbria for a full-immersion into the unique atmosphere of this land.
The Transamerina gets its name from the ancient Via Amerina road which, in the Roman era, connected Rome to some of the villages of the current Umbrian territory. The tour takes you through ancient hamlets and gentle hills, country lanes immersed in the green olive groves and vineyards.


The Transamerina itinerary

You can start from Todi, specifically from the town’s historical centre with the beautiful and famous medieval square and the breath-taking views of the surrounding valley (book your stay in Todi now, or check out our offers) in the direction of Sismano Castle, in the municipality of Avigliano Umbro, then reaching the Fossil Forest of Dunarobba followed by the village of Sant’Eurosia. You then proceed in the direction of Toscolano followed by Santa Restituta where, near the ancient hamlet you can visit the fascinating Grotta Bella cave. Nearing the area of Amelia we first come across the characteristic village of Macchie, which is a small hamlet immersed in the forest. The city of Amelia is certainly worth visiting, with its impressive polygonal walls of the Roman era, its cathedral, the churches of Saint Francis and Saint Agostino, the historical buildings, the archaeology museum that displays, among other works, the great bronze statue of Germanicus, its Roman cisterns and much more.


Wine and food

The most typical and renowned grape varieties of this area are grechetto and ciliegiolo, that you absolutely must taste. The typical dishes of the area that deserve mention are “striscia con le fave”– traditionally prepared on the day that the pig was slaughtered, with strips of bacon, ribs and other parts, boiled broad beans and fat -, wild pigeon “palomba alla ghiotta a typical recipe of Todi, “fava cottora” of Amerino and the “cicotto di Grutti”.
Among others, the Transamerina project is supported by the Istituto Agrario Ciuffelli di Todi (The Ciufelli Agronomy High School of Todi), Italy’s oldest agricultural high school which, possibly on the return stretch of the itinerary, could be an interesting site to visit with its cellars, mill, dairy and laboratories.
When you choose this itinerary you may encounter farmers, artisans, restaurant owners involved in the project and thereby discover the area and its authenticity through particularly interesting and fun direct experiences.


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