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From Montefalco to Torgiano, from Orvieto to Todi: the best wines of Umbria


Umbria is a land of great wines: we have mentioned some of them previously in “Much more than wine: food and wine itinerary through the heart of Umbria”.

An interesting selection of the best wines of Umbria is also available in the latest edition of the Gambero Rosso which, in the Previews of Winning Wines of the Gambero Rosso Italian Wines 2021, indicates the winners of the prestigious Three Glasses classification.

Here is a small review of the best wines of Umbria with a well-deserved focus on Todi.


Best Wines in Umbria – Gambero Rosso 2021

There are actually 14 Three Glasses 2021 awards for Umbrian wines, the same number as last year – when this region, the green heart of Italy, won the highest number of awards ever – but with several changes.

Here is the list of winners:

  • Adarmando Trebbiano Spoletino ’18 – Giampaolo Tabarrini
  • Brecciaro Ciliegiolo ’18 – Leonardo Bussoletti
  • Cervaro della Sala ’18 – Castello della Sala
  • Fiorfiore Grechetto ’18 – Roccafiore
  • Mattone Bianco Trebbiano ’19 – Briziarelli
  • Montefalco Rosso Lampante Ris. ’17 – Tenute Lunelli – Castelbuono
  • Montefalco Rosso Pomontino ’18 – Tenuta Bellafonte
  • Montefalco Sagrantino Collepiano ’16 – Arnaldo Caprai
  • Montefalco Sagrantino Medeo ’16 – Romanelli
  • Montefalco Sagrantino Molino dell’Attone ’15 – Antonelli – San Marco
  • Orvieto Cl. Sup. Luigi e Giovanna ’17 – Barberani
  • Orvieto Cl. Villa Barbi ’19 – Decugnano dei Barbi
  • Todi Grechetto Sup. Colle Nobile ’18 – Tudernum
  • Torgiano Rosso Rubesco V. Monticchio Ris. ’16 – Lungarotti

“The Umbria emerging from this edition of the Guide is, regardless of its borders, a great land where many diverse varieties grow and offer just as much diversity to the territories – says Gambero Rosso – Although the area of Montefalco is growing year after year and is becoming increasingly more important, the Region is far from being Sagrantino-centric: firstly Montefalco Rosso grows abundantly in this area, which is not the poor relative of Sagrantino but a different wine with a different character, and sangiovese ranking top. Then – as emphasized by this famous guide specialising in food and wine – there are recognitions from North to South: classifications such as Orvieto and Torgiano are on the rise, many have their eye on some surprising varieties (above all  trebbiano spoletino from the area of Spoleto and ciliegiolo of Narni) and grechetto, is nobilified – and rightly so – through ageing”.


Todi DOC and more

Todi has a lot of offer in terms of wine thanks to its hills that give the vineyards a one-up and also thanks to an important farming and wine making tradition. In particular the town boasts a ‘controlled designation of origin’ classification, Todi DOC, since 2010 which includes various types of wine: white and red, also superior; Grechetto, also superior and passito; Sangiovese, also superior; Merlot, also superior. Grechetto di Todi is, in particular, one of the most appreciated: it is a white wine that ranges from dry to slightly sweet, velvety, full, with a slightly bitter and fruity aftertaste. It is ideal with mild-flavoured first courses, but also white meat, grilled fish and cheese.

Of the wines from Todi, Grero is earning increasingly greater interest and appreciation. An ancient native variety that, in 2011 after extensive studies and experimentation, was included in the “National Register of Grape Varieties”. Grero is distinguished by its limited production due to a fairly modest yield on the vine. Fresh, full, slightly bitter and balanced on the whole, this wine is excellent paired with strong flavours, especially charcuterie, cheeses and grilled meats.



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