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salumi-umbri - Umbrian - charcuterie

Umbrian charcuterie a world to explore

Of the many delicacies that Umbria has to offer, the charcuterie is undoubtedly one of them. Umbria has an important tradition to share and let you enjoy.

fave dei morti - fava biscuits - umbrian cooking - cucina umbra

All Saints’ Day sweet fava biscuits

In ancient times, fava beans were laid on the tombs of dead people as offerings. Now fava beans biscuits are a sweet moment during All Saints’ Day.

Umbria - olive tree festival Spello - L'oro di Spello

“L’Oro di Spello”: the olive tree festival is back

The “L’Oro di Spello” (Spello’s Gold), olive tree festival in Spello event is back to celebrate the new oil, the legendary bruschetta and the noble olive tree. 2019 is host of the 58th edition, which will be held on November 15, 16 and 17 and will take over this picturesque Umbrian town with taste, tradition and folklore with a special focus on paying due homage to the area and Italian cuisine.

stockdove alla ghiotta -palomba-alla-ghiotta - Todi - san Fortunato - Disfida di san fortunato - Umbria

Stockdove alla ghiotta or “alla Todina”

The dish to which tuderti cannot renounce is the “palomba alla ghiotta” stockdove alla ghiotta.
You can find this dish and enjoy it in many of our restaurants on October 13th, the feast of the patron saint of Todi San Fortunato.

umbrian summer dishes - ricette umbre estive

Favourite Umbrian summer recipes

Umbria is famous for its unique and wonderful flavours and its delicious dishes.
Many of its most traditional recipes are served hot, flavourful and also quite rich, but anyone looking to bring a bit of Umbria to the table, even on the most sweltering summer days, here are two excellent and very tasty solutions.


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