Todi - Beverly Pepper - Beverly pepper tra Todi e il mondo - mostra -Todi - Beverly Pepper between Todi and the world – 2019

Beverly Pepper between Todi and the world – 2019


2019 is the year Todi has dedicated to Beverly Pepper

Todi - Beverly Pepper - Beverly pepper tra Todi e il mondo - mostra - Beverly Pepper between Todi and the world – 2019

The city of Todi dedicates the year 2019 to an extraordinary artist, who has chosen to create and live in our city: Beverly Pepper.

The sculptress, who has lived in Todi since 1970, has become an honorary citizen of our city. Todi celebrates the great American sculptress with many events including exhibitions, events and a park dedicated to her. Beverly was a great ambassador of Todi in the world, bringing many artists to discover our beautiful city. Many artists came to do exhibitions and then decided to become “citizens of Todi”.

For this reason, the city of Todi is now considered one of modern contemporary art capitals of the world.


“I view this new project for Todi with immense joy, a new energy for the city that marries its history with my career as an artist, always engaged in Land Art projects to create a vital link between the sculptures and the naturalistic context. Art and nature that nudge man towards an introspection that tends towards infinity “.  Beverly Pepper

Todi - Beverly Pepper - Beverly Pepper tra Todi e il mondo - mostra - colonne di Todi - San Fortunato -Beverly Pepper between Todi and the world – 2019

Pepper’s works are part of the most important public and private collections in the world. The New York artist, graced with extraordinary talent, dares in her use of materials, creating majestic abstract sculptures. Her installations can be found in Asia, the United States and Europe. Despite the fact that she is used to working in American foundries and factories, many of her works have been created in the quiet of her studio in the rural countryside. Although her name is now consolidated in the history of modern art, Beverly, born in 1922, never stops experimenting and creating majestic works.

“Because, if it is true that ‘a good part of Beverly Pepper’s work from the last decades is marked by rust’, the spirit and passion of the” steel lady “coming from overseas do not seem minimally affected by the wear and tear of time.” says Mattioli, curator of the event.


Beverly Pepper between Todi and the World

 December 8 2018 – May 5 2019 – Sala delle Pietre

An exhibition that illustrates her intimate relationship with the city of Todi.

Unpublished photographs, sculptures from her private collection and a model of the “Beverly Pepper Park” will be on display. 


Photography Exhibit Beverly Pepper by Gianfranco Gorgoni

April 5 – May 5 2019 – Sala Torcularium, Nido dell’Acquila

Photographic exhibition of Gorgoni, art photographer. Unpublished shots from the 70s, taken during the creation and the most important installations of the sculptor, Beverly Pepper.


Beverly Pepper – Art in the Open

May 11 – November 24 2019 – Spazio Thetis – Venice Biennale 2019

The “Beverly Pepper between Todi and the world” project will be hosted in Venice on the occasion of the Venice Visual Arts Biennale.


The Todi Columns 1979-2019

from April 6 to June – Piazza del Popolo

For the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the majestic installation in Todi. Four majestic columns measuring 8 to 12 meters, created in the foundries of Terni in 1979, will again be installed in Piazza del Popolo.


Beverly Pepper-Triple Twist

24 May – Cantine Lungarotti, Torgiano

To celebrate her ties with Umbria and the Lungarotti family, the 6-meter Triple Twist marble sculpture will be inaugurated on May 24 at La Cantina Lungarotti.


Beverly Pepper Park

September 14 – Parco della Rocca

The first single-theme sculpture park in Umbria. A stroll through nature and art.



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