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Eurochocolate – 14th-23th October 2022


Eurochocolate 2022

“Felici in un secondo”

14th-23th October 2022- Umbriafiere in Bastia Umbra

The sweetest event ever is back in Umbria from 14th to 23th October, with an extraordinary indoor edition called “Felici in un secondo”. We are talking about Eurochocolate, the Perugia Chocolate Festival leaving the Chocolate-Capital center for the first time in history, to move to Umbriafiere trade fair centre in Bastia Umbra.

The event is made up of three tematic areas: Chocolate Experience, Chocolate Show and Funny Chocolate.

Thanks to 11 world producer countries like Ecuador, Bolivia, Brasile e Costa Rica,India, in the Chocolate Experience pavilion guests can lear more about Chocolate: the history of this delicious product, the countries where cocoa beans is grown and his long trip to Perugia and experience the charming transformation into chocolate. Moreover, Choco Experience pavillion will host exquisite workshops, show-cooking by talented master chocolatier and the Choco Parade led by a funny character inspired by the famous Willy Wonka! 

In the Funny Chocolate pavilion guests can shop the festival merchandise, customize their chocolate bars and Choco-Houses and fill them with chocolates and sweets, take funny selfies with the Choco-Selfie Stick in front of the Choco-Frame and play plenty of other games: the sportive ones can compete in the Choco Games while the little ones can land on chocolates after jumping in the bouncy castle. In this pavillion everybody must have fun!

Last but not least, gluttons can’t miss the Chocolate Show: the huge Chocolate Market with all variety of products like spreads, pralines, tablets, liqueurs, coming from all over the world. 

Tickets are sold online or at the trade fair centre.

Gluttons from all over the world, why don’t you come in Umbria in the occasion of Eurochocolate 2022?

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