Festival delle Arti 2021- TODI - Arnaldo Pomodoro

Festival of the Arts 2021, from 24 July to 26 September, in Todi


Festival of the Arts 2021

Walking in art

After the success of the 2020 edition, Todi will be the beautiful setting for the second edition of the Festival of the Arts. The Festival is promoted by Fondazione Beverly Pepper and realized in partnership with Comune di Todi and Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro and it will celebrate the same artist in many and different occasions throughout the summer.

Festival of the Arts will begin on 24th July with a spotlight on the temporary installations Quattro Stele in Piazza del Popolo and Scettri at Oberdan Gardens, nearby. The two great bronze and aluminum sculptures, symbolizing unity in multiplicity, have been granted on a long-term and free loan to the Town by Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro (Milan).

After that, on 28th August (starting date of Todi Festival), the temporary exhibition Labyr-into will be inaugurated in the Sala delle Pietre (in the town hall) by an Art Talk curated by Federica Valente.
The main work is a bronze model of an environmental work installed in Milan, that visitors can explore virtually thanks to the immersive potentiality of Gear VRs.

Moreover, throughout the whole Festival there will be an EDUtainment Area at Sala del Torcularium at the Lucrezie museum complex. Visitors can learn more about the relationship between Arnaldo Pomodoro, Beverly Pepper and Umbria thanks to laboratories for people of all ages. They will discover materials, techniques and aesthetics of the artists and finally create “a project  for Umbria”, as the two artists did.

Finally, Urban ART Tour will drive visitors in pleasant walks through the Festival’ spots, heading at “voltoni”, under the town hall, where they can enjoy videos and photos showing similarities and differences of Pepper and Pomodoro.

In fact, despite having different artistic backgrounds (Arnaldo was a goldsmith, Beverly a painter) they were brought together by sculpture, in particular their preference for abstract and minimalistic shapes and by a common idea of art. They both saw the scenary as part of the work of art, a canvas to paint on, to valorize with their sculptures.

Many collateral events such as exhibitions and concerts will accompany the Festival of the Arts: download the full schedule.

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