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George Tatge in Todi

George Tatge in Todi from 9th October to 9th January


George Tatge in Todi from 9th October to 9th January

From 9th October to 9th January

On the 9th Todi celebrated the inauguration of George Tatge‘s exhibitions “Enigmi – Paesaggi senza tempo” e “Gli occhi della città – Ritratti di ieri e oggi”.

The world famous American landscape photografer has fallen in love with Todi since he first came in 1973 and then spent 12 years living there with his wife Lynn, before moving to Florence. What he says he loves the most about Umbria is the particularly intimate atmosphere, and the fact of being natural, untouched by the sea. He has dedicated to Perugia his first book “Perugia terra vecchia terra nuova”, issued in 1981, it was the starting point of an international career often coming back to Umbria, last time during the 2020 lockdown, to shoot the towns and villages’ desolate squares.

The exhibition ” Gli occhi della città – Ritratti di ieri e oggi”, curated by Giovanna Calvenzi is hosted in the wonderful Vignola Palace. The collection, made up of 140 black&white portraits is an homage to Todi, its town life and its citizens. First shot in the Seventies, many of the portraits were repeated in 2020, in colour, to underline the passing of time. The subjects are farmers, artisans and professionals from Todi, friends of the photographer.

“Enigmi – Paesaggi senza tempo” instead, hosted in the Sala delle Pietre and curated by Walter Guadagnini and Carlo Sisi is dedicated to Italy’s rural and urban landscapes. The peculiarity of the 31 pictures is that they were shot with a Deardorrf, the folding camera producing large format negatives.

The exhibitions are just a few steps from Hotel Fonte Cesia, don’t miss them!


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