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Todi Festival September 3 – 6 2020


Todi Festival is a cultural event , which includes theatre, music and dance and takes place every year on the main square of the town, Piazza del Popolo, and the Town Theatre which are a few steps  far away from the hotel.

It is a well-known art  exhibition that started in 1986 and has arrived at its 34th anniversary.

The festival has gained, over years, a high prestige making it famous throughout the world of the Italian show.

This event  is also a meeting point of the most important names in show business, as De Sica, Silvano Spada, Maurizio Costanzo and Simona Marchini.

The organizer of the 34th  edition  Eugenio Guarducci ,the coordinator of Eurochocolate.

2020  Todi Festival program, coming soon

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