leggenda san valentino - Saint valentine

Saint Valentine, the Umbrian Saint, protector of lovers

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers, is celebrated all over the world. This very important and heartfelt festivity originates in our Umbria and is specifically based on the history and important message of love spread by Valentine of Terni.

The legend of the dragon of Terni- umbrian myths

The legend of the dragon of Terni

The region of Umbria is rich in legends and myths,this is the legend of the dragon of Terni which also explains why the city’s emblem depicts a dragon.

leggenda-umbra-sibilla - The Legend of Sibyl

The Legend of Sibyl and the Cave of the Fairies

The Sibillini Mountains that stretch between Umbria and the Marche, are a mountain range named after Mount Sibilla, particularly famous for the fact its peak is home to the cave of the same name which, according to legend, is the home or shelter of Sibilla, the Apennine Sibyl.

strega-matteuccia-todi - Witch - the Witch Matteuccia

Matteuccia da Todi: the witch hunt began with her

Matteuccia da Todi is an important figure in the history of Todi as well as Italian and European medieval history. Matteuccia was one of the first women in Europe to be tried for witchcraft and the first to be burned at the stake.

monaci-fantasma-monte-subasio - The friar ghosts of  Mount Subasio - Assisi - Umbria

The friar ghosts of  Mount Subasio

Umbria is a land steeped in mystery and legend and a particularly evocative and chilling one is undoubtedly the legend of the friar ghosts of Subasio.


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