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leggenda-lago-trasimeno - The love legend of Nymph Agilla and Prince Trasimeno

The love legend of Nymph Agilla and Prince Trasimeno


The legend of Nymph Agilla and Prince Trasimeno is purely Umbrian and extremely romantic, set at the Trasimeno Lake and which, according to tradition, gave this beautiful Umbrian body of water its name.

It recounts the love story between Agilla, a lake nymph, and Prince Trasimeno, the son of the Etruscan King Tyrrhenus.

Legend has it that Trasimeno was travelling through central Italy when he came across the lake and, since it was a very hot day, he decided to go for a dip. He was spotted by the nymph who couldn’t help but notice his beauty, and wanted to meet him: with her enchanting song she attracted him to the centre of the lake, to Polvese Island, where the two met, they spent some time together and very quickly fell in love with each other.

Trasimeno then asked for her hand in marriage, but before being able to wed he had to persuade his father who did not initially agree with the union. Once he had the blessing of King Tyrrhenus, the two lovers could finally live out their wish, but the joy of the newlyweds was short lived. 

According to the legend, in fact, only the day after the wedding, Trasimeno disappeared in the water of the lake. In vain, Agilla searched for him for days on end, searching the bottom, banks and surface of the large lake. Because of the great fatigue and pain, Agilla ended up dying.

From that moment on, according to tradition, when the wind blows over the lake and through
the branches of the surrounding trees, one can hear sighing: this is Agilla crying, still
inconsolable for the loss of her betrothed. And when waves cut through the wake of a boat,
they say it is the nymph still looking for Trasimeno and hoping he is one that boat.


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