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Torgiano is just a short distance from Perugia, and is one of the Borghi più Belli d’Italia, i.e. a small Italian town of historical interest. Immersed among vineyards and olive groves, this small medieval town is located right where the Tiber joins the Chiascio and is a must-see gem, especially for wine lovers. Together let us see what Torgiano has to offer.


Torgiano: distinguished by its wine


Torgiano is an ancient river-side town whose name comes from, legend has it, “torre di Giano” (Tower of Janus), one of the most ancient and important divinities of the Roman, Latin and Italic religion. The ancient tower, the town’s symbol, was dedicated to this god. Since ancient times Torgiano was home to flourishing trades and the economy was based mainly on farming, such that that cultivation of vines and winemaking were the real protagonists. The town’s very emblem, an ancient logo surrounded by a bunch of grapes, illustrating that Torgiano has always been linked to wine. As a further demonstration of this, the area was the first in Umbria to obtain DOC ‘controlled designation of origin’ certification in 1968.


What there is to see: the Wine Museum

Palazzo Graziani Baglioni, the town hall building, houses the Torgiano Wine Museum, also referred to as MUVIT. This is a museum that tells the story of Torgiano through objects linked to wine: from tools used for growing and harvesting grapes as well as processing and preserving wine. But also all of the tools used to enjoy this precious drink and the traditions connected to it.
The olive and oil museum: the MOO 
The town hall building also houses the olive and oil museum, also known as the MOO. This museum also presents a different way of learning about oil, starting from the many ways that oil has been used over time, underlining how important it was, and not just in the kitchen. Much smaller than MUVIT, but just as interesting and curious.

A stroll through the small and charming historical centre, to admire examples of contemporary art and taste traditional products is the perfect touch to a visit to Torgiano, one of the most beautiful towns in our beloved Umbria


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