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Travelling in Umbria with children


Umbria is a region that offers attractions and sites that truly cater to all interests, not only does it charm and win over adults, but children as well.

Therefore, here is an itinerary of Umbria designed specifically, with visits and day-trips that engage and thrill children.


Starting from Perugia, since the region’s capital offers many attractions for children.

They will be undoubtedly enchanted by a visit to the Toy Museum – Museo del giocattolo, and will simply adore the House of Chocolate and historical Perugina museum – Casa del Cioccolato e museo storico Perugina.

They will be intrigued and interested by the stimulating activities offered at PostThe Science Museum of Perugia – Museo della scienza di Perugia and by the Hypogeum of the Volumnus Family – Ipogeo dei Volumni and will have unforgettable fun at the large zoo and park Città della Domenica.

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At Scarzuola, a hamlet in the municipality of Montegabbione, there is the city-theatre designed and built by Milanese architect Tomaso Buzzi.

Immersed in the forest and hills, Tomaso Buzzi refers to it as the “ideal city” that was built between 1958 and 1978.

It is almost labyrinth-like, featuring symbols and quotes and constructions and surreal sculptures, pools and stairs made of tuff rock, doors, statues and bas-relief that create a fantastic and mysterious complex, almost a magical city that infailingly fascinates the young and old alike.


We then reach Todi for a visit that combines culture, art and fun.

Older children may have already studied Jacopone da Todi at school and his literary wirks and a trip to the city of this friar and poet may be their chance to learn more about him, also by choosing one of the itineraries dedicated precisely to the life of the friar.

Younger children, on the other hand, can enjoy Parco della Rocca – The Fortress Park, tone of the most beautiful and charming the region has to offer, for some outdoor fun on equipment, enjoying the scenery, history and even art, thanks to the presence of the numerous sculptures donated to the city by the famous artist Beverly Pepper.


From here we can move further to the south of the region, towards Terni.

Near the city there are two highly recommended attractions for families travelling with children.

One is Carsulae, an interesting archeological area with the ruins of an ancient Roman city.

The other is the  Marmore Waterfalls – Cascata delle Marmore, among the tallest in Europe and offering one of a kind views and scenery.


Lastly Narni, another ideal destination for people travelling in Umbria with children.

Famous for being the city that inspired “The chronicles of Narnia” by C. S. Lewis, the museum of Palazzo Eroli has a section dedicated entirely to children, “The Children’s MuseumUn Museo a misura di bambino” . Underground Narni – Narni sotterranea and the Albornoz Fortress –  Rocca Albornoziana are fascinating and very interesting sites for children to visit.



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