The Palio of Saint Michael 2019 in Bastia UmbraPalio de San Michele 2019 a Bastia Umbra

The Palio of Saint Michael is back in Bastia Umbra


With an extensive and rich programme scheduled over almost the entire month of September, Bastia Umbra will be hosting the Palio of Saint Michael.

The 2019 edition, number 57, will begin on September 7th and come to an end on the 29th.

There are many events and initiatives scheduled during this time as the Palio once again represents a crucial part of the identity and tradition of the city of Bastia and the region of Umbria. 

The event

The Palio of Saint Michael consists in a series of events held in the town of Bastia Umbra that are linked to the main event, a competition between the four districts, known as Rioni, Moncioveta, Portella, San Rocco and Sant’Angelo.

They compete through three games: the Parade, the Games and the Lizza (Relay race). The three competitions are held in the main square of the town, always in the month of September: in fact the event is held in honour of the Patron Saint Michael the Archangel who is celebrated on the 29th of the month. The parades are theatrical representations that involve floats.

Each district creates its own show, with great attention to detail, and the members of the community themselves from each district partake by acting and dancing.

The Games involve four types of races: the sack race, the tug of war, the grease pole and a more modern game, the Lizza, which is a relay race with four athletes from each district.

It is held in piazza Mazzini over 400 metres and is the last of the games, almost always the clincher for the winner of the Palio.

The Palio of Saint Michael 2019

The programme for the 2019 edition of the Palio of Saint Michael starts on September 7th with the opening event called “Playpen”.

On the morning of September 14th there is the event called “The Palio meets the schools 2019” while in the afternoon there will be a naming ceremony for the Square of Bastia 2, when it will be given the name of Don Luigi Toppetti.

On Sunday the 15th there will be the Sbiciclettata (Bike Ride) of Saint Michael, and starting Thursday the 19th, every evening, the district taverns will be open. Also on the 19th, at 10:00pm, there will be an imagery theatre show of “The Tempest” presented by the Accademia Creativa Theatre Company.

On Friday the 20th the opening ceremony for this 57th edition will be held, with the blessing of the banners and capes of the Districts. On the 21st there will be the parade of the San Rocco District, the one for the Sant’Angelo District on the 22nd, the Moncioveta District will have its turn on the 23rd,and Portella on the 24th.

The Games between the Districts will be held on the evening of Thursday the 26th, on the 27th there will be the Mini Palio and on September the 28th there will be the much anticipated Relay Race, followed by the awarding of the Palio 2019.

Sunday the 29th will be the closing day with Mass, the Procession of the Patron Saint and lastly at 11:00pm a spectacular fireworks show.

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