Stagione di prosa 2019/2020 - Teatro di Todi - Todi Theatre

Theatre in Todi: a look at the 2019/2020 season


Ten shows, from November 2019 to April 2020. New scripts and standing winners of awards and recognitions of plays that that are based on or inspired by the great classics of theatre, many well-known faces and talented artists.

All of this is the 2019/2020 Season at the Teatro Comunale di Todi (the Todi City Theatre) curated by Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria.

Below are all of the shows, click on this link for the online ticket office.

You can see it at dusk – The solitude of a ghost town

Si nota all’imbrunire – Solitudine da paese spopolato

5 November 2019

A family gets together for a weekend in the country home of Silvio, the first house of the uninhabited village where he has been living alone for three years. Solitude has made the protagonist develop a few quirks the most serious being the refusal to walk. Silvio no longer wants to get up, he wants to live sitting down and in solitude. Therefore his family is faced with the issue of fixing this complicated situation. A play by Lucia Calamaro, tailor made for actor Silvio Orlando.


A comedy with a crash. The structure of a tragic failure

Commedia con schianto. Struttura di un fallimento tragico

17 November 2019

A young author is writing his umpteenth play, and he is doing so while other actors are rehearsing. Reality and invention cross wires until the protagonist realises he has revealed too much about himself and his life in the play. Therefore he stops writing on page seventeen, in a full on existential crisis. Written and directed by Liv Ferracchiati.



24 November 2019

Here a contemporary Amphitryon, generated by author Sergio Pierattini, is an upcoming and ambitious politician, a populist who receives great and immediate consensus. Sosia is his driver and legislative assistant, Alcmena, the wife of the victor of the elections and the next First Lady, is a middle school teacher. A script that represents and somehow also denounces the present day situation in a comical and unexpected way.



7 December 2019

A multi-award winning script by famous British writer and director David Hare. “Skylight” recounts the complex and dramatic relationship between Saverio, a wealthy and widowed businessman, and Elisabetta his young former lover, a teacher at school in the suburbs. One night the former passion is rekindled between the two, but their ideological differences and the crushing sense of guilt leads them once again to a very painful separation.


The Misanthrope

17 December 2019

Giulio Scarpati and Valeria Solarino interpret this master piece by Molière, always a delicate balance between tragic and comic and always strongly relevant also, but not only, portrayed through the romantic conflict between Alceste and Célimène.


The Master Builder

15 January 2020

Solness is a great builder who creates his own fortune on the ashes of his wife’s family home. The young Hilde insists that he make her the princess of her very own kingdom, as he had promised ten years prior. The play is by Henrik Ibsen.


April Fool’s

Pesce d’aprile

8 February 2020

Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name written by Daniela Spada and Cesare Bocci, this is the story of a great love that an illness made even greater: a real life experience, intimate and touching. A play that is both ironic and moving at the same time.


The Iliad – Wrath, revenge, poverty

28 February 2020

From the always relevant work by Homer, Luca Violini offers this surprising performance by Radio Teatro.


Machine de Cirque

18 March 2020

From an idea of Vincent Dubé “Machine de Cirque” arrives from Canada, in this regional exclusive in Todi. The only survivors on Earth following the apocalypse decide to find other survivors and the only way to save themselves is an amazing machine. The protagonists, sometimes comical, sometimes nostalgic, have the innate capacity to get involved in dangerous situations and show us how to live in a world without women or computers.


Elective Affinities

5 April 2020

A play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and re-written by Maria Teresa Berardelli, it takes us through the contrasts of instinct and reason, sensuality and morality, impulse and reflection, fate and will. Charlotte and Eduard, after a long separation, reunite and decide to get married and become so committed to protecting their relationship that they isolate themselves in a place far away from everything.

The equilibrium that they finally succeed in achieving is nevertheless upset again with the arrival of Eduard’s friend and Charlotte’s niece.

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