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The wines of Todi: the best to “drink” in the city


For people living in and visiting Umbria and Todi, there is an immense heritage of attractions to see and enjoy: oenology is a must of these activities.

In fact the area is very rich in excellent wines with some being especially fine and renowned and others belonging to niche markets, nevertheless always very high quality.

When describing the first group it is a must to mention the two DOCGs: Sagrantino di Montefalco and Torgiano Rosso Riserva.

There are then many DOCs, including Todi DOC, which was established quite recently, in 2010.

Remaining in the area of Todi and Todi wines, there is another interesting new wine that has popped up in recent years: this would be Grero, and ancient native grape which, after extensive study and experimentation was added to the National register of wine grape varieties in 2011.

Todi DOC Grechetto

The “Todi” controlled designation of origin includes different types of varieties; Grechetto, also in its superior versions and passito; Sangiovese, also in its superior version; Merlot, also in its superior version.

The varieties for the production of DOC Todi must be produced in the areas of Todi, Massa Martana, Monte Castello Vibio and Collazzone.

Grechetto di Todi in particular, is certainly one of the best known and appreciated wines, and the name would make one believe that the variety comes from Greek origin.

In actual fact this does not seem to be the case at all: even if some aromas and flavours are similar to those coming from the Eastern Mediterranean, according to some studies Grechetto umbro is genetically similar to Pignoletto dell’Emilia Romagna and Ribolla Riminese.

Grero di Todi

There has been a lot of speak about Grero di Todi over the past years.

It is a red grape Grechetto variety that had almost disappeared completely, but was part of a research project starting in 2005 which lead it to be added to the National register of wine grape varieties in 2011. It is distinguished by limited production and moderate yield of the grapes, making this wine an all-Umbrian delicacy.

The rediscovery of Grero is mostly the merit of professor Alberto Palliotti from the Department of Agricultural, Dietary and Environmental Sciences at the University of Perugia.

The parent variety plant of Grero was recovered from the Romazzano area of Todi: it was more than 120 years old with a trunk measuring 37 centimetres in diameter.

This wine has a truly particular flavour: according to a research laboratory report of the Agri-Food technological park of Umbria, it features a ruby red colour with hints of purple. “Balanced intensity of bitter, astringent and body, characteristics linked to the phenols – one can read on the identification data sheet – with an acid note which offers a certain freshness to the wine.

The nose features complex sensations of spices and red berries, with quite marked sensations of dried fruit, liquorice and tobacco. The flavour of the Grero variety is balanced by its purity: undoubtedly full, slightly bitter and nevertheless distinguished by quite a balanced structure.

The sensory properties make it a suitable grape variety for use in blends where it would surely provide remarkable intensity and brightness of colour, as well as a greater complexity of nose and taste; in purity it produces wines characterised by attributes of freshness, especially appreciable in the young product, and also interesting for special productions, such as carbonic maceration for the production of young wines.”


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