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White or black: truffles in Umbria


One of the many reasons for visiting Umbria also undoubtedly includes the region’s impressive culinary heritage, and one of the finest local delicacies is certainly the truffle, which comes in many varieties.

Overall there are approximately 10 regional varieties, from the black or Norcia truffle, to the white truffle, and even the summer black truffle.

Let’s have a look at Umbrian truffles, at least the best-known varieties.



The black truffle, or the truffle of Norcia, is certainly the best known and is plentiful in Umbria.

It is in season from November to March and is particularly common in the Valnerina area, but also in the hills of Trevi and Mount Subasio.

They measure between two and eight centimetres. The outer layer is black and rough, while the pulp ranges from black to purple with very fine white veins.

It is highly appreciated in the kitchen for its intense fragrance and its highly unique and unmistakeable flavour.



The white truffle of Umbria is also particularly fine and rarer than the black variety.

It is harvested from October to December or January and grows in the Upper Tiber Valley and in the areas of Gubbio and Orvieto.

It can even grow quite big, the colour of the outer layer ranges from white to yellow. The inside is more of a nut colour, with a strong fragrance and equally intense flavour.

To fully enjoy it, it must be used raw, possibly in shavings over the dishes it is enhancing.



Among the varieties of Umbrian truffle, the summer black truffle is considered to be lower quality, yet very common and widely used to flavour cheeses and cold cuts or to prepare tasty sauces.

It is harvested mainly in the summer, but also in the fall.

The outer layer is rough, black with shades of brown, inside it ranges from brown to nut colour with a light shade of very fine veins.


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