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Favourite Umbrian summer recipes


Umbria is famous for its unique and wonderful flavours and its delicious dishes.

Many of its most traditional recipes are served hot, flavourful and also quite rich, but anyone looking to bring a bit of Umbria to the table, even on the most sweltering summer days, here are two excellent and very tasty Umbrian summer recipes.



In Umbria panzanella may be the most typical summer dish, even though it is highly appreciated and popular across central Italy in general. As a salad it can be prepared with plenty of variation in the choice of ingredients, below is one of the most traditional recipes.


Day-old bread
Sweet onion
Red wine vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil


Cut the bread into pieces and soak it in water for a few minutes. Next, wash the vegetables and cut them into small pieces or thin slices, for the cucumbers and onion. When the bread is well-soaked and soft, remove the water and wring it with your hands, then break it into small pieces and put it in a salad bowl with the other ingredients. Dress it with oil, salt and vinegar and mix well. Many believe that panzanella is even better after a few hours in the fridge.



Bandiera is another very simple vegetable-based recipe, but unlike panzanella this is a cooked dish. Nevertheless it is a typical summer dish because it is not very rich and enjoyed when served warm rather than hot.


Green bell peppers
Ripe tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil


Wash the bell peppers removing the pith and seeds, then cut into strips. Also wash the tomatoes and then cut them into small pieces. Then slice the onion, put it into a large pan with the oil and brown it for a few minutes. Add the bell peppers and mix for about five minutes, then also add the tomatoes, add salt to taste and also some pepper if you want to add more flavour. Close the pan with a lid and let it cook for about 15/20 minutes. Bandiera is even more delicious when served with slices of toasted bread.


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